Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday Night Lights

WARNING COOPER COUGAR FANS!!! I was a traitor of the worst kind on Friday night. I went to the Flower Mound Marcus game for the 10 year reunion of the '97 State Champions. Does anyone remember what happened in '97??? The Marcus Marauders traveled to Shotwell Stadium in Abilene and pummelled the Cougars, knocking them out of the playoffs. I hated them for it because we were supposed to have another shot at state our Senior year! The Marauders went on to win state that year, and little did I know I would fall in love with and marry #32 five years later. It's funny the way things work out.

So, on Friday night, the '97 State Champs were recognized at halftime of the Marcus vs. Mansfield game and were hailed by the announcer as "The best football team in Flower Mound Marcus history". Even though I'm a Cougar at heart, it was pretty cool to see Ryan reunite with his old football buddies and relive all those memories from their Senior year. I even refrained from wearing a Cooper shirt...mainly because I couldn't find one. There was a dinner before the game where they showed parts of the highlight video. Then all of the players and their wives had sideline passes and reserved seats in the end zone during the game. All of the current players came out at halftime and lined up for the '97 team to come shake their hands. Then the announcer called out each player's name. The stands were packed, and the guys received a huge standing ovation. After the game, they reserved a room for us at Life's a Beach in F-Mound where we ate, drank, and hung out telling old stories. It was so much fun!!

Here's Ryan scoring a touchdown in the State game 10 years ago, which set a record for the most TD's scored in a 5A state championship game in Texas! I think the record has been broken since then, but I can still brag on him if I want to.

Here's a few from the ceremony at Friday night's game:


andydawn said...

It is AMAZING how things work out!! Little did you know back in 97' you were watching your future hubby score a touchdown!! :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I won't tell Peter. He remembers that game like it was yesterday. Little did I know I would be marrying #3. :) hahaahah. This was a cool post! So awesome! :) Life's a Beach. I think that place is overrated. If I had kids, I would probably think it was much cooler.

allyo said...

YIKES! My feelings for Ryan have just changed! I remember that game like it was yesterday (I was at my dad's house that weekend, so you could probably guess there wasn't much talking going on!)

Just kidding. I think it is amazing how things come full circle. What a neat thing to be a part of!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I'm glad we can help them relive the "glory days." :)

campers said...

Well, I won't consider you a traitor...I remember that game very well...but I have become the worst kind of traitor! I love you and ryan matter if he was an enemy at one time! Looks like such a fun night!!!

Tiffani said...

You tell Ryan that I am so proud of him...I was probably cheering them on in 1997...since I am an Abilene Eagle! Just joking Cougars! Sounds like such a fun night of football fun!