Monday, December 08, 2008

Jack Loves Christmas

The highlight of Jack's year is putting up Christmas decorations! I know that sounds silly, but honestly, he can sniff out the box with his stocking in it, and he knows exactly which stocking is his. It's all we can do to keep him from tearing into it all season. I've heard things falling over on the fireplace a few times, and it's usually Jack knocking over the Nutcracker in hopes that he can just get a quick sniff (or the occasional bite) out of his stocking. Harley could care less about Christmas. In fact, she is scared of all the decorations and just hides out in our bedroom while we decorate...except for this one picture where I forced her to sit on the hearth. She looks so happy, doesn't she? What a Scrooge! She's getting a lump of coal in her stocking. How can Jack's excitement not get you in the Christmas spirit?!