Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Poe Family

I think I'm still in awe, but on Tuesday I got to watch "Matt & Brittney" become "Matt & Brittney & QUINN"!! The whole day was just such an amazing miracle to witness, and I was so incredibly proud of my sweet best friend. She was amazing through her entire pregnancy, labor, and now motherhood! It seems almost surreal that Brittney is a MOM, but it totally fits her. And yes, maybe I am admitting more than I should, but Quinn gave me more of a glimpse of baby fever than I have ever experienced...I didn't say a full out case of it, but definitely a glimpse. (I dare anyone who holds him to tell me otherwise! :) I'm already looking forward to seeing him again. I know he will have changed so much in just a couple of weeks. Here are a few pictures of Quinn's arrival day.

One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Matt come out with the HUGEST smile on his face to tell us that "Q-Dawg/Q-Dizzle" (as Matt refers to Baby Quinn) was finally here!

When Molly, Shannon, and I went back for the first time, all we could do was Ooh and Aah over this precious little boy. He is so sweet!

Baby Quinn with his Aunt Sarah...isn't he cute in his little basketball cap?! I'm sure he will always be the best dressed baby everywhere he goes!

My favorite part about this picture is Quinn's perfect little lips! Aren't they precious??

The proud Poe family...all THREE of them!

On another happy note my last day of work was Friday, so I am officially on Cloud 9...No, I think I'm on Cloud 999! I feel such a weight off my shoulders even though I'm job hunting again. Ryan and I went to celebrate my new found freedom last night by going to dinner at Lupe Tortilla and then to see "Blades of Glory" which provided just the laugh I needed. There is something about watching 2 straight men ice skating together in spandex that just puts you in a good mood.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sigh of Relief

This is actually kindof old news for a few of you, but I decided I'd finally post about it. Most of you know that I haven't been happy with my job since day one. It looked great on paper, sounded like something I might be interested in, and the interview process made me really excited for the opportunity. But...sometimes things aren't quite what they appear. The leasing industry is definitely not for me, and my work environment was insane. I actually did pretty well and closed several leases, but I just didn't feel good about myself at the end of the day. If anything, I will consider this a 2 month learning experience. First, I've learned that I am NOT a salesman. I've also learned that I don't have to put up with crap from people. I hate to even say that "I quit" because that just isn't like me. However, I feel that I gave it as fair of a shot as I possibly could, and made a wise decision to put in my notice last week. I'm going to finish out the month unless they find someone sooner, and I'm definitely relieved about it. I was worried that I would regret quitting as soon as I did it, but ever since I put in my notice I have felt like myself again, which is a pretty good feeling. So THANKS to all of you who put up with my mood swings the past 2 months. I'm back to the drawing board again and looking for something (probably just part-time) for the next few months until we move.

Speaking of moving...Ryan found out about a dive company in Burleson (just outside of FORT WORTH!!!) I don't want to jinx anything, but we are doing some serious researching and praying about Ryan getting on with this company. Not only would he get to do everything he loves about diving, but we could be in the metroplex, which is something we didn't see happening for at least another 3 years. He graduates in July, so all of this is going to start happening really fast I'm afraid. Just be praying that we make the right decision. If we need to stay in the Houston area with the company he's with now, I will be fine with that too. I just want what's best to work out. It's exciting to think about though!

Anyway, this past weekend, Brad & Kendall came to visit. We always have a lot of fun together, and I couldn't be happier for my newly-wed brother & sister-in-law. I love them so much! We got tickets to the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" because my lifelong friend (and Broadway STAR!) Luke Longacre was playing Caleb in the show. He did such a great job, and I'm always so proud of him! I was mad that I left my camera in the car...stupid I didn't get a picture with him after the show. Here's a picture of the 4 of us though.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Quinn's Shower & Yee Haw!!!

First of all, I was the only one out of Brittney, Thompson, and Molly to not post pictures of Brittney & Quinn's precious baby shower 2 weekends ago (yes, I'm REALLY behind). So, even though it's late, I have to share. It was SO much fun spoiling this sweet baby that we don't even know yet. We can't wait to meet him though! I'm especially fond of our new "tradition picture" that will be taken when each of us is pregnant. I don't know what's going to happen if two of us are pregnant at the same time because the pregnant one is supposed to stand on the end. Hmmm....we'll have to cross that bridge IF & when we get there!

Is she not just the most beautiful mommy-to-be ever?? We should all be so lucky!

OK, so after the weekend of the shower, Ryan and I decided that we needed to take advantage of living back in Texas. So, we got tickets to the Houston rodeo and Pat Green concert last Friday night. It was a lot of fun! I hadn't been to a rodeo since college, and it was the Abilene rodeo, so this was a lot bigger and better. Anyway, we got there in time to see barrel racing, bull riding (YIKES!), the calf chases (which were hilarious), and the chuckwagon races. Pat Green was really good, and Jack Ingram made a guest appearance, so that was fun. It took me back to our college days when we used to country dance at the "Mansion" (Ryan's fraternity house) every Thursday night.

Here's a shot of the bull rider who won. We definitely had "nose bleed" seats, so my pictures are taken from really far away with as much zoom as possible, and they're still horrible! Oh well...we had fun!

I hate to admit it, but I think when Ryan goes with the "redneck look" he is so stinkin' hot! I love when he wears a little bit of scruff on his face and a pearl snap shirt. :) In the picture below, can you see the kid in the middle that is hanging on to the calf's tail and is being drug around the whole arena?! It was freakin hilarious.