Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Poe Family

I think I'm still in awe, but on Tuesday I got to watch "Matt & Brittney" become "Matt & Brittney & QUINN"!! The whole day was just such an amazing miracle to witness, and I was so incredibly proud of my sweet best friend. She was amazing through her entire pregnancy, labor, and now motherhood! It seems almost surreal that Brittney is a MOM, but it totally fits her. And yes, maybe I am admitting more than I should, but Quinn gave me more of a glimpse of baby fever than I have ever experienced...I didn't say a full out case of it, but definitely a glimpse. (I dare anyone who holds him to tell me otherwise! :) I'm already looking forward to seeing him again. I know he will have changed so much in just a couple of weeks. Here are a few pictures of Quinn's arrival day.

One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Matt come out with the HUGEST smile on his face to tell us that "Q-Dawg/Q-Dizzle" (as Matt refers to Baby Quinn) was finally here!

When Molly, Shannon, and I went back for the first time, all we could do was Ooh and Aah over this precious little boy. He is so sweet!

Baby Quinn with his Aunt Sarah...isn't he cute in his little basketball cap?! I'm sure he will always be the best dressed baby everywhere he goes!

My favorite part about this picture is Quinn's perfect little lips! Aren't they precious??

The proud Poe family...all THREE of them!

On another happy note my last day of work was Friday, so I am officially on Cloud 9...No, I think I'm on Cloud 999! I feel such a weight off my shoulders even though I'm job hunting again. Ryan and I went to celebrate my new found freedom last night by going to dinner at Lupe Tortilla and then to see "Blades of Glory" which provided just the laugh I needed. There is something about watching 2 straight men ice skating together in spandex that just puts you in a good mood.


Laura said...

I love that little Poe, he is so cute! I am glad you got to see him on his arrival!

campers said...

thanks for sharing pics! I don't think I can wait until friday to see him! He is too cute! Glad you ar finished with work!

Poefam said...

Thank you for the sweet post and for being at the birth of my precious baby boy! It means more to me than words can ever say!!!! It would not have been the same if you hadn't been there! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO Much and Baby QUinn can't wait for his Auntie Sarah to hold him again very soon!.... ANd, please bring your camera so I can dowload your pics to my comp! That first picture made me cry...I love it! Call and let me know when you'll be here!

crazymom said...

Baby Quinn is a sweetie pie! I havent met him and I love him! Babies are so wonderful! I am just so happy you were in Texas and able to be at your best friends side during this wonderful change in her life! I know it has been hard being away from your family and friends,, ,,, but I thank Lord for allowing us to meet. you and ryan mean the world to us. Will,Jackie Rose, Baby Willie, and I CAN NOT WAIT to see you all next month! Its been so long.... and who knows , holding another baby may be just what you need to push that baby fever into the real thing. HMMMM. girl you know i am just trying to get a rise out of ya.. did it work. love ya !!!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

It's a Yamaha! :) Just a little something or other. Nothing fancy like yours. :)

Jessica & Matt said...

You got some really good pictures of Quinn! I LOVE the one with his little poochy lips. :) Thanks for your note--you're right about church! We need to make it our mission to change that! :)