Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coming Home, Homecoming, and 2 New Homes

It's been all about HOME lately. Ryan spent 3 weeks out in the Gulf of Mexico and FINALLY came home last Thursday. What was supposed to be a week long job turned into 3 weeks of waiting out tropical storms, so I was thrilled that he got home just in time to drive to Abilene for HSU Homecoming over the weekend. I know that I should be used to him being gone...after all, 3 weeks is nothing compared to the 7 month deployments from our Marine Corps days. Still, it just doesn't get easier. He is doing an amazing job as a diver though, so I couldn't be more proud. Here are some pics of my man in action! (For some reason, he doesn't feel the need to shave when he's out on a rig, so this is Ryan's "rugged" look.) :-)

A group of our friends got together at Jenn & Scott's for a 5 year reunion party. We had so much fun catching up and reminiscing about the "good ole days". Funny how most of the reminiscing involved MY husband pulling a prank on someone. I think that was his sole purpose in going to college.

And here's my name on the new Alumni Wall! (I'm the Sarah C....the Sarah E was my roommate...go figure!) It was so cool to go find the names of all my family members that have gone to HSU. They go all the way back to the graduating class of 1941! I love that HSU is a small enough campus that they could fit the names of every graduate from 1895 on. What a cool tradition they started!

When we got home, we decided that since Jack & Harley are the best dogs in the world, they deserve the best dog house. So, we went and found them a log cabin, complete with a front porch, which Ryan put together last night. This is more for me than for the dogs. Now I won't feel as guilty leaving them when I go to work knowing that they have a place to get out of the weather and cuddle up. Obviously, when the weather is really bad they stay inside, but this way a little rain won't keep them from spending the day in the yard. Jack went right in, but Harley didn't know what to think. She was not happy with us at all. Hopefully she'll learn to love her new home!

Last but not least, my brother and Kendall finally closed on their new home that just happens to be 1 minute and 28 seconds from my house...and that's including a red light. They are so excited to be first time homeowners, and it's really fun that we're practically neighbors. My parents are glad because it's "one stop shopping" for them to come visit! The only downside is that I think my weekend plans now consist of painting and unpacking boxes. I knew I'd have to return the favor soon enough!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Big 5-0

I LOVE surprise parties, so I was very excited to get to go to my Uncle Garry's (yes, it's Garry with two "R"s) 50th birthday party at Joe T Garcia's. YUM!! My Aunt Julie did an awesome job putting it all together, and he had no clue. There were at least 100 of his family, friends, and co-workers that all managed to keep things quiet for at least 3 weeks, so I was pretty impressed. A few of his friends took him skeet shooting for his birthday that afternoon to keep him from suspecting anything, so he was mad that he was still in his "shooting clothes" for the party. My cousin Rachel surprised him by coming home from college for the party, so that was cool. I love living close to my family. I never got to do stuff like this for the 4 years we spent on the East Coast. I know I've been in the metroplex for over 2 months now, but it never gets old! Here are some pics from the big event.


Daddy's Girls

Officially "Over the Hill"

There are always margaritas when you party at Joe T's...my fav!!

My Aunt Julie & Me

My little cousins are suddenly all grown up!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Workin' Woman

Well, I went back for a second interview today and found out this afternoon that I got the job! Woo Hoo!! I start tomorrow, and I'm SO excited about it. I am especially excited about my schedule because it's going to allow me to still do all of the accompanying for schools that I want to do on the side. It couldn't be a more perfect situation for me right now. I would say that God opened a door, but it was more like he grabbed me by the collar and THREW me through the door. This opportunity literally landed right in my lap, and I'm so blessed. Wish me luck on my first day tomorrow!