Friday, July 27, 2007

Graduation, Goodbyes, Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

First, I have to say Congratulations to my husband, who is now officially a "Master Scuba Diver"...the highest classification you can have in the diving industry!! He took his final yesterday, and finished #2 in his class, so Woo Hoo!!!! for Ryan. I'll post pics of his graduation (which is tonight) eventually, but we're going to be internet-free for the next few days as we turn off our utilities here, set them up at the new house, know how that goes.

This past week has confirmed for me that I HATE goodbyes. It doesn't matter how long, or short in this case, you live always become attached to something. On Sunday, we went to our last service at Crosspoint Church, which has been the hugest blessing during our time here in Houston. I will really miss playing for that early service that I always griped about having to wake up at 6:30 for. On Tuesday, I had to say goodbye to a perfect job and all of my wonderful co-workers, who I will truly miss. On Wednesday, I had my last "Jason's Deli Lunch with Rachel". We've been meeting for lunch every Wednesday for the past few months, and I am SO going to miss our girl talk over her turkey wrap with no sprouts and my chicken panini. ha ha! I guess it's always bittersweet to move, but it's nice to know that we made some great memories while we were here.

Anyway, I guess when we moved from our 3 bedroom house to this small apartment, I didn't realize how much we put in storage. I can't walk around my apartment there are so many boxes! HOLY COW...I don't know how it's all going to fit into our Uhaul on Sunday, but I'm praying for a miracle. Ryan's parents are coming in tomorrow to help us load and to drive Ryan's truck back to the metroplex so that he can drive the Uhaul truck Monday morning. I'm not sure how it's all going to work out yet, but I do know that by this time next week, we will be in our new house! I'm really excited to get settled in and finally make a place HOME. We've been looking forward to that for the past 5 years, and it's finally here!!! WOO HOO!!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Good luck on the move! When we moved we were amazed at how much "stuff" we had too!

Poefam said...


Jennifer said...

Hey you! Congrats to Ryan from the Liston clan! We are so happy for you guys. I want to see pics after you get all your stuff settled in.

Take care, Love, Jen

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I agree!!!!! YEEAHHH! I can't believe you are here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You, and Brittney and I need to meet at the Southlake Towncenter SOON!!!! By the way, Mavy lives VERY close to you!!

Laura said...

Oh Sarah how exciting for you! You get to move and he got to graduate! I can't wait for that day! Congrats and good luck!

campers said...

it was good catching up the other day! I am thinking of making a trip VERY soon to come see your new house! :~)