Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes I don't know where my home is. North Carolina has finally started to feel like home after 2 and a half years because it's where Ryan and I have our house and all of the "stuff" that makes it a home. It's where lots of my friends are, my piano students are, my church is, my bank is, and all that stuff. It's where I sleep every night, and it's where my puppies are right now. (I miss them terribly!!) Then I come to Texas and fly into good old Abilene, and something just feels NORMAL here. I love being able to come back to the place I grew up for 22 years and fall right back into the swing of things. People are so NICE in Abilene...or in most of Texas for that matter. It's definitely good to be home.

OK, Molly's griping at me for not updating my blog, so here's what's been going on with me. Since I've been here, it's been a little crazy. I was delayed for 3 and a half hours at DFW to start things off because of the high winds Friday night. So, I finally got to Abilene at about 10:30, which was really 11:30 North Carolina time. I pretty much crashed that night. I visited with Mammy and Pappy that next morning, ran around and shopped a little bit with my mom after that, and then went to the driving range with my Dad that afternoon. Let's long has it been since I've picked up a golf club?! I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be though, and it honestly kindof makes me want to start playing again.

On Sunday, I went to church with my parents and sang in Dad's choir. I didn't realize how much I love singing with a GOOD choir (no offense to anyone at FBC Swansboro who might be reading this). Then my family went to the Soben's house to celebrate Davis's 1st birthday Sunday evening. He is the cutest little guy ever, and it was so fun to watch him stuff his face with guacamole. He would've rather eaten guacamole all night instead of birthday cake!

On Monday, I drove to Arlington with my dad because he was taking my Grandma to the hospital the next morning to have a hip replacement. Ryan called on the way, so I got to talk to him for a good 20 minutes. That made my day! My Aunt Julie, Grandma, Dad, and I ate lunch, and then I headed to Flower Mound to visit Bill & Penny. We had dinner and I stayed the night over there. It was great to see them...kindof makes me feel more connected to Ryan when we're all together.

I got up early Tuesday morning and drove to Arlington Memorial Hospital where my Grandma was having surgery. She was being wheeled to recovery as soon as I got there, so we got to go straight in and visit her. She was high on anesthesia, so that was pretty funny. I don't think she will remember talking to any of us. The doctor said that her surgery went great and that he was going to try to have her up walking around on her new hip that afternoon! Isn't that crazy?! I was glad that everything went okay and that I got to be there. We went in and see her one more time, and then Dad and I drove back to Abilene yesterday evening.

So...that's pretty much what's been going on since I've gotten to Texas. Today is really the first day that I have no set plans, which is really nice. It's just nice to be home.


campers said...

It was so good to see you and catch up last night! Isn't it nice how everything falls right into place in good ole A-town! And it is also so comforting to know that friendships fall right into place and feel so normal. I love that we can not see each other but pick right up where we left off on the phone last! It is great! I had fun and can't wait until our girls trip!!!!

Poefam said...

I know...isn't home great! I love that feeling too! Abilene just moves SO SLOW... and I think that's why I've learned to really love it! I'm glad that you and Thomps got to hang out last fun! I am really excited about our girls trip too! Have you talked to Penny!? We probably need to nail all of that down! Anyway, I love you! When are you going to be in Big D!?!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

oh Abillleeeeennnnnee, pretttiest town I've ever seen. Sarah, thank you for keeping up your duties on this blog. You know, you can't leave us teacher folk hanging! we get bored reading the same blog over and over and over! Thanks for being such an encouragment in my life! i love yoU!

jen71 said...

Hey girl, I am so glad that you are having a good time. You are definitely missed in these parts. Lots to tell you on the ride back to Jville. Very excited to see you in a few days. Oh, by the way, how did the sweater work out??