Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Weekend Getaway

I think leaving the boredom in Burleson was good medicine for me this weekend! It was great to get out of the "comfort" of the recliner I've grown so accustomed to and head west to Abilene for a few days. Ryan had a long weekend, so we left on Thursday afternoon and came home Sunday. Part of the reason (well, most of the reason) we went was for Sigma Alpha alumni weekend. Pledge Class 11 was celebrating their 10 year reunion, and even though I'm technically Pledge Class 12 (because I pledged my sophomore year) , they were sweet enough to include some "friends" into their weekend plans. Unfortunately, because of my leg, I couldn't spend all night with them, but it was definitely fun to catch up over dinner and for the first portion of the pledging night. There was such a huge group of alumni that came back this year, so it was really fun!

Pledge Class 11 and Friends!

Michelle (fellow Pled Class 12-er), me, and Jenn

It's really fun that Kendall, her sister Kylie, and I have Sigma Alpha in common. While we were doing our Sigma Alpha stuff, Brad and Ryan were off with their Theta brothers...it's all in the family!!

Sisters-in-law: Lacy & Shea, Kendall & me

Thanks, Julie, for being my "cheauffeur" for the night!

Other than alumni weekend stuff, we just relaxed at my parents' house and spent some time with my grandparents too. One of the highlights of the weekend was that I got some "retail therapy" when my mom pushed me around Hobby Lobby in a wheelchair. It was wonderful!
We had to get back in time for my doctor's appointment on Monday, which wound up being a big waste of time. I was supposed to get x-rays done, but my Dr. changed his mind. I'm only at the 4 1/2 week point, which usually won't show much healing, so I'm going back on the 12th. Everyone was really impressed with my cool cast though, so I guess it was worth it to show off my mom's handiwork. I was so frustrated leaving the Dr. because I had my hopes up for possibly getting my cast off. I decided that to make myself feel better I would attempt to drive. That has been the most frustrating part of all this, so I was determined to make it work!! Since my pain isn't too bad and I'm able to move my toes more, I was able to push the accelerator with my hurt leg, and brake with my left. I think if I stick to back roads and avoid the highway I'll be fine. Ah, the freedom!!


campers said...

so glad you got to getaway!!!! I'm not too sure about this driving thing though ??????

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

I'm so glad you got to get some time away, but I'm REALLY glad I don't live in Burleson if you're driving! But, I do miss you so I might have to risk it!