Monday, February 18, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Pretty flowers
New picture for the bedroom

setting the camera timer on the dash while driving on 35...might not have been the smartest idea ever




really cute movie!


A Very Sweet Valentine's Day

On Friday night, our Sunday school class had a Valentine's party, and the entertainment was "The Newlywed Game"...complete with our very own Wink Martindale "wanna-be" host. Here's the sad part. There were so many of us at the party that we couldn't all be on the panel. So they gave us a qualifying test to start with. The couples with the most matches got to participate in the game. OK, so the average number of matches was around 5 or 6, but some couples were getting 8 or 9 out of 10 right! Of course they were the ones who got to play in the first round. Then for the second round, they decided to let the couples with the least matches play, and just guess who was in that bracket?!? YEP--Ryan and I matched exactly TWO questions (one of which, we had to BEG for them to count right), so we got to play in the losers panel. We'll blame it on not living together half the time. It was hilarious though! We actually wound up matching 4 out of 5 once we were on the panel, so I guess we redeemed ourselves.


campers said...

I would totally agree with you about not living together!!!! Y'all were definitly at a disadvantage.... That sounds like so much fun!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I like your new picture. :) ALOT

The Skains Family said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun and romantic valentine date! I remember those days in my distant past. This year ours consisted of Chili's to go and a fussy sick baby:)! We did watch "No Reservations" on DVD though!!! Haha. Sounds like your party was a blast as well.

campers said...

so i don't know if you got it from friends or not.....but when I see your title I think of Janice singing "funny Valentine" to Chandler on the tape of songs she made him that Chandler gives to Monica! :~)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love Cantina Laredo! And we saw that movie on V Day too!

Natalie said...

Sounds like a fun Valentine's! I really want to see that movie!

Tiffani said...

What a fabulous Valentine's Day! One word about Cantina Laredo...QUESO!! So good!

I have to give you props on your car timer - that takes talent!

House Family said...

Hey, Thorntons! Glad to get the update on you guys! Sounds like you're doing good, and I'm happy to be able to keep up with you now! Take care! :)

April (Sanders) House

GateWay said...

how EXCITING... in every aspect your Valentine's was! especially 35mpg and BOTH of your smiling faces looking at the camera! Seems you've always been a bit of a risker. No wonder you married one of similar tastes ;)

Elizabeth and Jace's Mom said...

Hey Sarah! Glad to see that life on the other side of the military really does exist!

andydawn said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers :) What a fun valentines :)