Monday, November 20, 2006

Last Post from North Carolina!

They'll be taking our computer tomorrow, so I figured I better update my blog before our trip home. Yep, the day is almost here. Our movers come tomorrow and pack us up, then they come back on Wednesday to move us out. We'll load our trailer on Thursday, and then start driving on Friday. Did I mention that we'll be doing all of this in the middle of a "noreaster" or some crazy winter storm that's supposed to cause lots of rain and wind the next three days...Perfect. Nothing could rain on our parade though! We can't wait to be home again, although leaving Camp Lejeune has been a little more difficult than we planned. We really have made some great memories and met some wonderful people, and that makes it hard to say goodbye. I had coffee with two of my dearest friends this morning, Jen & Amanda, and it's hard to imagine Starbucks without them!

Ryan wanted to make sure I mentioned that Jack is looking VERY forward to being a Texas dog again, and Harley is excited because she's never been a Texan but has heard lots of great stories. They both can't wait to see all their friends and family!

It'll be awhile before I blog again, so don't get on my case! (You know who you are!!) I'll keep you posted as our journey home continues. Until then, Adios North Carolina...Hola Tejas!


kjamaupin said...

Good luck over the next few days and be safe traveling HOME! :-)

Poefam said...

woooooooo hooooooooo! I couldn't be more excited! I know that you've made some great memories/friends in NC and I am so thankful for that, but so glad that you're on the way back! It's past time and we're all ready for you to be HOME!!!!

crazymom said...

I know how it goes, leaving NC wasnt as easy as we thought it to be. I miss alot about Jacksonville,,I know you think I am crazy, but it will hit you sooner than you think. I miss you guys already. I still cant believe we are going to live so far away,,, but I cant wait to visit Texas,,, and see how awesome it is! Be safe driving! rc

campers said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! You are here!!!! So fun!